Craft Overload

31 July 2010

I’ve been really busy lately so haven’t had much time to work on anything for the past few weeks, but creative-fu hit me like a sack of bricks on Wednesday and out came the craft supplies. Hurrah!

I’ve had some light green beads in my box for a while, I’d planned to do something in copper with them but never quite had enough pieces to make anything of it. So I ran onto eBay and ordered some copper pretties. I’ve also got some large purple wooden beads that I’ve been dying to use for a while, I came up with an idea for them too and I’ve now got some silver spacers on order to put between them, along with a few other general supplies that I’d run out of.

While waiting for that lot to come:

Leftover Companion Cube - Progress Shot 1

I must be insane.

Say hello to the Leftover Companion Cube. It took forever to put the first one together, but with the leftovers staring back at me I thought a much smaller desk-friendly version would be nice. I have a feeling I’m going to regret this. I’ve had to change the design to accommodate the smaller pieces because I’m using 2″ grey offcuts but it seems to be going okay so far.

Then the first batch of aforementioned jewellery pieces arrived yesterday:

Charms in the Post

I am over the moon! They are so much nicer than they looked in the seller’s pictures. I’ll be putting that together sometime this weekend.

But before then I have started work on a costume. Because I am strange and when the idea popped into my head on Friday and I had all the materials already in leftovers from other projects I just had to get started. I have no idea if I’m even going to any costume parties this year. Usually I allow 2 weeks to put things together, spend the whole time making props, throw my outfit together at the last minute and end up looking a right state (though I do get a very nice white rabbit to keep out of it). So perhaps starting early is a good thing, even if it gathers dust for a year or two. Expect an update on that sometime this evening.

WIP: Mini Jewellery Drawers

18 July 2010

Started this one months ago but put it to one side to work on something else, it’s close to being done though so about time I finished it.

Mini Jewllery Drawers WIP 1

Built from a just-glue-it-together kit; couldn’t find any pretty drawers in the shops that I liked, so when I spotted this kit I picked it up. The instructions told me to paint it but instructions are boring and pretty paper looks fancier.

Was going to stick the fronts on today but I need to get more wood glue, mine has dried out. After that I can sand them to fit, cover the fronts and put the handles in. All waiting on the glue then.

(Excuse the colour clash, I started with pink paper on the outside but the pattern only showed up under certain light so I didn’t like how it looked.)


15 July 2010

So here we are. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet, a personal site playing host to a gallery of my various creative ventures and a blog of odd little bits and pieces I’m working on, be they creative, following instructions or just plain made up as I go along.

My intention is to use this blog as a log of work in progress shots and various bits and pieces to keep track of all the little things I spend my time making or doing. It may not make for a particularly interesting read, but… well we’ll see.

I’ll be kicking things off over the next few days with several things I’m currently halfway through, just to get things started. Some of them haven’t seen the light of day in quite some time but I feel some record of their existence would be nice.

So now that we’re live it’s time for you lot to tell me what I’ve broken. Go nuts :)