WIP: Mini Jewellery Drawers

18 July 2010

Started this one months ago but put it to one side to work on something else, it’s close to being done though so about time I finished it.

Mini Jewllery Drawers WIP 1

Built from a just-glue-it-together kit; couldn’t find any pretty drawers in the shops that I liked, so when I spotted this kit I picked it up. The instructions told me to paint it but instructions are boring and pretty paper looks fancier.

Was going to stick the fronts on today but I need to get more wood glue, mine has dried out. After that I can sand them to fit, cover the fronts and put the handles in. All waiting on the glue then.

(Excuse the colour clash, I started with pink paper on the outside but the pattern only showed up under certain light so I didn’t like how it looked.)

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