Alice: White rabbit

1 August 2010

White rabbit plush

You can’t go to a costume party as Alice without a white rabbit. I didn’t want to risk damaging the only one I had, so I made one from stuff we had lying around the house. Took about 5 days but it was so worth it.

The star material is a piece of cotton patchwork fabric I had left over from another project, and the waistcoat’s made of felt (yay no seams!) held shut with those little hook things so it’s removeable. I found a bear pattern online to use as a starting point for the proportions and modified it into a rabbit. The pattern attached the head and arms with moveable joints but I didn’t have enough time to order a set so I altered the design to stitch them straight onto the body. Later I realised I could improvise the moveable joints from some stiff cardboard and a bit of string so I did that for the legs . I wouldn’t recommend using cardboard if given the choice though, it’s fine for one night but not a very sturdy solution and I’m pretty sure it’ll break sometime in the future

White fleece fabric, patterned cotton material, felt, ribbon, card, buttons, ballchain
Based on a pattern of “Red” bear, designed by Maryke Wright (site offline)

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