Java BlockGame: WIP

10 October 2010

BlockGame - Progess Shot 1
The blocks, they fall!

Handles collisions, rotations, keyboard input. Currently it’s dropping a few keypresses so I need to take a look at that.

* Disappearing lines and levelups
* Game Over / restart state
* Scoring panel, including nextblock lookahead
* Oh, and don’t forget to redo those edge wall graphics…


9 October 2010

Crobots by Nelly Pailloux: this book is beyond awesome. These little things are just so addictively cute! And they’re so quick to make, I’ll end up with a whole army if I’m not careful…

Crobots - Mechanobot and Thinker

3 Minute Sketch Project

3 October 2010

My train journey to work takes 3 minutes. Ever since switching from the 20 min bus ride to work I’ve missed being able to do stuff while travelling; it’s too short a time to read anything but too dull to just stare out of the window every morning. Cue 3 minute sketch; an attempt to use the time productively with a quick little drawing to show for it at the end.

3 Minute Sketch - 13 Minute Sketch - 2

I expect most of the stuff I draw will suck a bit at first with the tight time limit, but the idea is the more I do it the better I’ll get at getting ideas down quickly.

3 Minute Sketch - 3

3 Minute Sketch - 6

3 Minute Sketch - 7

I’ve been doing it on and off for a couplea months now. Technically it turns into a 7 min sketch sometimes if I have to wait at the station but it’s all good.

3 Minute Sketch - 9

3 Minute Sketch - 103 Minute Sketch - 11

3 Minute Sketch - 12