28 December 2010

Been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been working longer hours in the run-up to Christmas so between that, Christmas shopping and planning a fish tank install (an entry which shall be saved for another day) there hasn’t been room for much else. Until yesterday, when I got the time to put the finishing touches to this little critter:


Meet Kittybat. He’s a little blue cat, with bat wings. Just because I could. Amigurumi animals are just made up out of simple shapes, so I wanted to have a go at making one myself from scratch without a pattern, and this is the result. It’s taken me a few months to put together, it’s the biggest toy I’ve attempted to make so far so my project wanderlust had me working on a few other smaller things that have already been mentioned on this blog in the meantime, but he’s finally done!

Kittybat Back

I think the wings could do with some wire support to stop them falling about all over the place. It took 4 attempts to get the second wing right, that’s what I get for not writing down what I did for the first one. I recorded the pattern as I went so maybe I’ll stick that on here a bit later.

Papercraft Advent Calendar

2 December 2010

A little project from last year…

As with all good craft projects it took far longer than expected, but given the trouble that people have had actually finding advent calendars around here I may have taken the easier route. Seriously, they’re nigh on impossible to find around here, and when you finally do track one down they’ve all got Ben 10 on the front. It’s an alien conspiracy I tell you. Each drawer contains a small seasonal ornament to hang on the outside as each day passes. They’re big enough to fit other things in too.

Cardstock, patterned paper, polymer clay, craft wire
Based on papercraft drawers tutorial from Taylored Expressions blog: [link]