Kingdom Hearts: Cuddly Heartless

21 April 2011

One of the most adorable villains ever, he’s a heart stealer all right :)

Shadow Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, brought to you by the power of a DeviantArt user sharing her awesome pattern (some people are so nice). 1 solid week of hand sewing like an addict, eyes made from Lemon yellow Fimo, posable skeleton of 1.6 and 5mm Aluminium wire, hidden zip in side seam.

The 5mm leg and backbone wire’s a bit too stiff for the job, maybe because I picked enamelled aluminium instead of bare aluminium (it came in shorter lengths so it was cheaper, and the thought of having a bright-pink skeleton was just too awesome to pass up). I’m glad I left the zipper in, squishing the stuffing around can help him stop toppling over on the leg joint.

He’s fuzzier than I’d intended (that’s what I get for ordering fabric online) but to be honest, in hindsight I kinda like it :)

Black synthetic craft fur, polymer clay, 1.5mm-5mm aluminium wire frame
Pattern by Risachantag from DeviantArt [link]

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