Sunny Days and Sunshiney Rays

3 May 2011

Oh dear.

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that it’s been a bit quiet in here recently. I’ve spent the past 4 months working on large ongoing things… I suppose you could call them projects but they’re not really, not in the usual sense I’d use the word. Between all the reading and the studying there hasn’t been enough time for much else, which includes the kind of craft/ art related projects which usually end up on these pages. And thus, there have been no updates to this site either.

This bothers me. I built this site with the intention of displaying work in progress and all the things creative I’ve been up to. But after sinking 4 months into other things I’ve realised there’s far more to my life than pretty little trinkets. While they are all cutesy and fun I think it’s time I increased the scope of this blog to cover more than just things I’ve made or details of all the little things I did to get there. I feel there’s something missing, something human that doesn’t quite come across when you spend all your time just talking about beads and wire.

Time… it’s a funny thing. I’m writing form the far side of 2 long 4-day weekends, the kind where most people would plan days out, go away or spend time out in the sunshine with friends and family. But not me. Instead I’ve had 2 of the most productive weekends I’ve had all year. From the second came the new site layout you see before you now. Considering I’ve been putting it off since December, getting the whole thing illustrated and implemented in 2 days was a bit of a surprise. There’s still a lot of other structural changes to do, the gallery script needs a complete overhaul among other little tweaks but I think it’s best to spread those out into an ongoing thing rather than dedicating solid weeks to it. I’m glad I finally got it started.

For the next week I’ll be updating with a few large catchup posts of all the things I’ve been working on that didn’t quite make it on here at the time. Despite being busy I still have a few odd crafty bits and pieces I’ve made in between working on big important things, which will also get a post of their own. Because that’s just how I roll now.

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