Green Day

30 July 2011

Hurrah, the aquarium plants arrived! I was a little worried when they dispatched on thursday as our offices are closed on weekends, but the little white box of turned up just in time to avoid a weekend in the parcel office.

The coldwater tank, home to Kio and Amris, now looks a lot like this:
110729 Planted Goldfish Tank

It took almost an hour to get all those plants in. The ones with long roots were pretty easy, but the problem with plants is that they float. The stem plants and the ones with short roots are a nightmare to get to stay in. Not that I think they’ll stay there for long, these fish have a habit of “rearranging” things to their liking so I fully expect most of it to be floating by tomorrow evening. I don’t mind though, it’s their home not mine.

Amris moves far too quickly to be captured by camera, I’ll get him one day. Kio, on the other hand, is pretty photogenic:
Kio - 19th March

Kio is the rescue fish who started all of this. When I brought her home I don’t think I expected fishkeeping to be quite as stressful as it has been, but when everything’s set up and things just work how they should it’s pretty fun. Planting is one of those fun parts.

Except for the water wisteria. How the hell you’re supposed to get that stuff to stay in the gravel is beyond me. The Vallis put up a fight too but I love how that one looks so it’s forgiven for being a pain to get in.

Ordering plants online might sound a little odd, but I’ve found it difficult to find plants locally. I haven’t had much success with local plants, after picking up 2 non-aquatics from a store that doesn’t label their plants. The Java ferns I got online in January are pretty strong and the Anubias Nana is practically indestructable.

Tank contents:
Microsorum Pteropus (Java Fern)
Anubias Nana
Ceratopteris thalicroides (Water Sprite)
Egeria densa (Pondweed)
Egeria najas (Ditchweed)
Hygrophila difformis (Water Wisteria)
Ludwigia repens (Ludwigia)
Vallisneria spiralis (Straight Vallis)
2 x Comet Goldfish
(… well, jury’s still out on whether Amris is a Comet or a Common, I’m not convinced his tail is long enough)