Portal: Cuddly Companion Cube

21 August 2011

(I’m lift-and-shift’ing some old content around in here and some of this stuff doesn’t have datestamps on it so I’m just going to have to guess…)

Frankenstien-d together from parts of several patterns found on the internet, with 78 separate pieces it took a month and a half to put this thing together. I wasn’t planning on using felt, but finding the fabric in the right colours was pretty hard (you’d be suprised how few people manufacture fabric in different shades of grey). I got a little put off in the middle of the project when I had to unpick 2 days worth of work for mucking up the pink lines (I tried to just stitch them on in pink thread and it looked a total mess), but I think the final result was worth it. And the corners, my god what a nightmare. The other tutorials stated to assemble the corner then attach it to the main cube, but I found it virtually impossible to get the stitches in. I eventually figured out that attaching each corner piece to the main cube, then stitching them together was the way to go.

I modified the corners because I wanted them to stick out, and it worked really well. :) I didn’t leave a large enough gap to turn it in the right way so I ended up stretching one side, but luckily the light grey piece over the top of the seam managed to hide that. I built a 6″ cube, set the corners to stick out by 5mm and stuffed under the circles to raise them off the main cube edge. I added a seam allowance so I could conceal the stitching, except on the heart because I didn’t want to risk losing it’s shape.

Now I just need to decide where in my living room it will live :D The Heartless tried to take it, but that’s just too much concentrated videogame cuddlyness for the back of one sofa.
30% wool mix felt
Based on several patterns found online:
Base pattern used: [link]
Alternate pattern: [link]
Heart stitching: [link]

Calendar Project: July

6 August 2011

Oh my.
Stripes and Wings - Small

Now this, *this*, is what the calendar project is supposed to be all about.

The Calendar Project was my latest attempt at a new year’s resolution to get myself drawing again. The first was “do a drawing a day” 2009. I’ve heard other artists sing the praises of this one as a way of improving, but found myself  just scribbling out a 5 second doodle at 5 to midnight just to say I’d done something. The quality was really poor and I wasn’t really learning anything. So next was “do 5 full-size drawings this year”. I botched the 3rd and stopped there. This year’s is a variation on that theme; I’m not making a calendar, but assigning a month to each drawing is an easy way to keep track of how many you’ve done. And it appears to be working.

The idea was to get myself drawing again. Most of the other sketches in the series involved me looking at the calendar, noticing I only had a week left and racking my brain for days trying to dream up a concept for something to draw. Then about a day of thinking it over and planning.

But this one was different. I was still on a tight deadline after spending too long colouring June (which was a bit of a disappointment). I left work feeling like I was in the mood to draw, picked up a pencil when I got home and just went for it. It’s the closest I’ve come to the way how I used to draw years ago, where I’d just sit in front of the TV or in my room with a sketchbook and see what came out.

Truth be told, I think a lot of it’s because you can’t really have a sketchbook at your desk at work and just drop everything for a quick sketch when an idea comes into your head. I have mountains less-than-presentable content doodled when I was at Uni, but those books are pretty empty now. Maybe this project will do the job.