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21 August 2011

(I’m lift-and-shift’ing some old content around in here and some of this stuff doesn’t have datestamps on it so I’m just going to have to guess…)

Frankenstien-d together from parts of several patterns found on the internet, with 78 separate pieces it took a month and a half to put this thing together. I wasn’t planning on using felt, but finding the fabric in the right colours was pretty hard (you’d be suprised how few people manufacture fabric in different shades of grey). I got a little put off in the middle of the project when I had to unpick 2 days worth of work for mucking up the pink lines (I tried to just stitch them on in pink thread and it looked a total mess), but I think the final result was worth it. And the corners, my god what a nightmare. The other tutorials stated to assemble the corner then attach it to the main cube, but I found it virtually impossible to get the stitches in. I eventually figured out that attaching each corner piece to the main cube, then stitching them together was the way to go.

I modified the corners because I wanted them to stick out, and it worked really well. :) I didn’t leave a large enough gap to turn it in the right way so I ended up stretching one side, but luckily the light grey piece over the top of the seam managed to hide that. I built a 6″ cube, set the corners to stick out by 5mm and stuffed under the circles to raise them off the main cube edge. I added a seam allowance so I could conceal the stitching, except on the heart because I didn’t want to risk losing it’s shape.

Now I just need to decide where in my living room it will live :D The Heartless tried to take it, but that’s just too much concentrated videogame cuddlyness for the back of one sofa.
30% wool mix felt
Based on several patterns found online:
Base pattern used: [link]
Alternate pattern: [link]
Heart stitching: [link]

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