Calendar Project: Complete

31 December 2011

Squee I did it I did it I did it!

Calendar Project 2011 Art Summary Meme

I’ve come with all kinds of colourful New Year’s Resolutions to try and get me drawing again. Over on DeviantART this meme goes around every year where you fill in each box with the best drawing you did that month, and I found it pretty depressing looking at it for the past few years with lots of blank spaces I couldn’t fill. So I made a resolution that this year, I’d have a drawing for every month. I called it Calendar Project; unimaginative I know, but naming a drawing for each month made me keep track of which ones I’d done and which ones I hadn’t, and it worked brilliantly.

New Year’s resolutions usually only last until about March, so getting to the end of the year and actually finishing one is pretty cool. Sure there were a few moments when things didn’t go smoothly; August was a train wreck, October and November were never finished, June was late but hey, never mind. The point of the exercise was to get me drawing again and I think it’s done the job :)