Last Minute Day Out in London

30 March 2012

Got up bright and not-so-early to go to London for a day of exploration and general getting-out-of-the-houseyness. You could say 9am isn’t that early but when you were up till 4am planning your trip at the last minute then yeah, 4 hours sleep does make 9am look a little bit bleurgh. Id’ve travelled earlier if the railcard’d let me; somewhat suprised that they’re not vaild until 10am on weekdays, kind of a pain when you’re travelling far but come to think of it I should’ve remembered from last time I travelled on a Friday.

So yes, first up was the Science Museum. I’ve been there before a few years back, but I only got there 1 hour before the doors closed so I decided to go back and finish it. Turns out, that might’ve been the interesting half and it was a little bit dull until I hit the section about the human brain and identity, that part was kinda cool.

It was another fantastically sunny day so I headed up to Hyde Park for lunch. Okay I never would’ve thought it would be hard to find a sandwich shop near a major tourist attraction but it took 15 minutes and 3 maps to land me at a tiny kiosk that did the job. It was an awesome day for it though, I sat on the grass by the river watching the swans, ducks and boats go by. In my quest for somewhere to sit I walked past the Diana Memorial Fountain, but time was pressing on so I didn’t go back for a proper look.

Getting totally lost in Covent Garden I ended up running facefirst into a Kidrobot store. I haven’t done the last vinyl yet but picked up a cute little cube dude in a teacup and another custom DIY job, this time a tiny zipper pull. Blindboxed, so you get either one of a multitude of cute little animals, a random lighting bolt, shuriken, or… well… a bright green poo.

Munny Zipper Pull - Green Poo

What the heck am I supposed to do with this?! (and why is it green?)
Oh I know, maybe I could polymer-clay its ass and turn it into an iced gem. Or a snail. Though it might be poor taste to make an iced gem out of poo. Note to self: don’t buy blindboxed assorted figures. Unless the assortment is just a colour change, that’s okay.

Also in Covent Garden I found a quirky little store selling all sorts of notebooks, erasers, cute things and the tiniest lego sets known to man.

Nanoblock Tiny Lego Set

I had to have one :) Those blocks are about the size of my thumbnail. The other sets had more pieces, but I liked this one because it’s blue.

I stopped by Forbidden Planet but I was all silly-thinged out by that point so I didn’t buy anything and headed on to the British Museum, slightly later than planned. Covent Garden seems like a great place to meander randomnly around, but any attempt at navigation is foiled by long, long roads that run in both directions from a single point. I swear I went down this one road 3 times until I finally got my bearings.

So the British Museum. I’ve never been to this one before, and it was *amazing*! So many things crammed in there from all over the world, most of them pretty damn huge. I spent ages wandering around the Assyrian section, walls lined top to bottom with engraved reliefs of all sorts of things.

Assyrian Relief

Nereid Monument

(I gotta say, HTC’s cameras could use some work. I took some more pictures but they didn’t come out much better. Second note to self: next time, take actual camera. :S)

I got there at 4pm worried that I’d not left enough time (or got this trip backwards), but lucky for me the place is open late on Fridays. If I’d realised there were free tours in the evening I would’ve joined one, but I missed that memo and wandered around the Greek, Egyptian and Enlightenment sections until 7pm, by which time I was getting a bit tired and decided to head back in search of dinner and a nice warm cup of tea.

The person next to me on the train home was knitting. I never did figure out what she was making.

Another Sunny Day

29 March 2012

Sunny Day At The Beach - WIP

I’ll be inking this later.

Sketches in the Park

28 March 2012

Spent 3 hours sitting out in the sun this afternoon, rather nice for the middle of March.

Park Sketch 1 - Ekishima


Park sketch 2 - Amia

Things and Things and More Things

28 March 2012

Lets get this in order.

Two chapters and 4 exercises left in the Java textbook, kinda happy to get to nearly get to the end of it. Though it is all Swing GUI stuff and I always find that kinda tricky. Sooo many objects, so many lines, so many odd little settings and things to remember.

I made a wallet. It has constellations on.
Constellation ZIppy Wallet
Modified the Riko doll. I’m still not happy with it. It’s missing something but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Diddy Riko Revisited

I’ve been watching too much anime. Then again, there’s nothing on so maybe that’s okay. With Game of Thrones coming back and some random thing on Channel 5 about fairytales, maybe that’ll change. I still need to finish Battlestar.

A wandering Timcanpy appeared. It was cute.

Timcanpy Plush

An amigurumi dragon stopped by to say hello too. He was resized, but he didn’t seem to mind. He now lves on my desk, amongst other things.

Cute Little Amigurumi Dragon

I got one of these, I thought they were cool:

Baby Angel Cat Qee - Blank

I need to design it. You can paint them with acrylics but seeing as I suck at painting I think paint marker-pens are the way to go.

A friend sent me one of these. It was also cool:

Tea Mug

The fish got new plants. The just-a-bundle-of-leaves fern was a little disappointing, but there’s some baby ones growing off it so maybe those will survive.

New Plants in Fishtank

Yeah… this is totally the wrong kind of camera for this.

I had a go with my new Studio pencils. Can’t say I’m used to them yet as the drawing I’m trying them out on is allllll black so half of the pencils are from a different range, but it’s nice to have so many shades of grey to work with.

Pencil Test - Allen Walker WIP

The polychromos are nice, they cover big areas well and the colours come out darker than the harder Derwents. But then, that’s not what I brought the Derwents for.

I’m on holiday at the moment. It’s nice to have time off work, finding places to go is somewhat difficult. I have plenty of things to do here but it kind of feels like killing time, and that’s no way to spend a holiday. I won’t sit indoors the whole time.

I need a new bag. I can’t find one I like. I considered making one, though I’m not sure where you get the thick kind of fabric that makes messenger bags work from. All I’ve found so far is cotton, and that stuff isn’t much good when it comes to handling book-weight.