Acrylic Paint Test

9 April 2012

Stumbling on this earlier in the week [Kidrobot: The EPIC Custom Collection Of vinyltoyz] put me in the mood to finally do something with that blank vinyl DIY model I picked up last month. One tiny obstacle to face though: I can’t paint. The plastic’s well suited to acrylics so I had a bit of a read around the internet this weekend about how to obtain gradient effects. Had a bit of a play this afternoon with somewhat mixed results:

Gradient Acrylic Paint Test

The red seemed to work best, kinda funny seeing as it’s the cheapest paint of the lot. I don’t think I’ve nailed getting the water dilution right to pull this effect off. The purple Vallejo gave a nicer finish when I got it right, but it kept drying too quickly to do the blending properly.

Polystyrene Paint Test

The model’s quite small though, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to work this effect in while staying in the right area. I’m gonna borrow an airbrush and see what kind of effects I can get with that. I don’t really know what you can do with one but it’ll be fun to try. Squee, new thing to play with :)

(Aside: what the hell is my upstairs neighbour doing? It sounds like they’re re-arranging furniture. Again!)

I also picked up a paint marker:

Posca Paint Marker Test

This thing is brilliant, you don’t need to put any pressure on it at all to get a nice smooth line but the nib drives just like a normal pen so it’ll be much easier for me to get details in than with a brush. I think I might need a narrower one though, it soaks into this paper so it’s kinda hard to tell.

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