Mount Doom

19 August 2012

Woah, I’ve been pretty busy with Other Stuff ™ recently so haven’t been writing much on here. Apparently it’s summer outside. Who knew?

I bought a new bag last week. It’s *huge*. Alas it has not pockets. Anyone who’s had a bag without pockets is probably well versed in the art of how every useful thing ever invented like phones and MP3 players always manage to find their way right to the bottom of a mess like this:

Bag Without Pockets

Cue Internet Time, looking for a way to add pockets to a bag, and we find the concept of the bag organiser.

[Pattern] from TheGivingFlower, via CraftApple

Bag Organiser


Bag Organiser Filled

Aside: The bloody stupid wasp fromt he last post is still in here. The double patio doors are wide open but it keeps trying to fly through my ceiling.

Anyways… this should make my bag a lot neater.

Bag With Pockets

… I’m not convinced, I think my bag’s a little too big for this to work. We’ll see when I take it out for a test run tomorrow, so long as I can actually find my phone in there without emptying half of the thing then I’ll be happy.

Okay aside 2: the wasp has DISAPPEARED. It was nowhere near the door when I lost sight of it and I haven’t seen it in 10 mins. Really want to get out of this hoody now, it’s boiling in here. With all the doors and windows open my current cost meter reckons it’s still 31 degrees inside.

Back on topic, I also made some other stuff since I last posted. There was a cushion but that wasn’t very exciting, though the fabric I found in a random cute little shop in Caterbury is awesome.

Butterfly Cushion

And I finally finished some handwarmers I started sometime last year but it’s totally the wrong time of year for those. I’d just been putting off finishing them and finally gotten around to it.

[Pattern] Morgaine Fingerless Mittens from blueoceanspureskies (via Ravelry)


Okay, so the wasp wasn’t actually a wasp, it was an enormous housefly. And by enoromous I mean like proper mega ultra huge. After working out that it wasn’t actually capable of stinging me horribly it was rather easy to persuade it to vacate the premises with a broom. Admittedly I didn’t expect it to land *on* the broom, thus letting me walk it over to the nearest open window but hey, that made things a heck of a lot easier.

I’ve never been stung by a wasp before, but from what I’ve heard it’s not something I’d particularly want to happen either.

Late to the Party

19 August 2012

I totally forgot to put up shots of the finished terrarium. Which is odd, considering I’m sure I remember writing a blog post about this. Hm…

One Terrarium

It’s grown in a bit since then.
Terrarium Two Months On

The locals are rather happy with the arrangement.
The Dinosaurs Who Live In The Terrarium

I went a bit nuts over houseplants this year. The remaining dinosaurs from the pack live with a Pachypodium Lamerei (Madagascar Palm) on my windowsill though I’m not entirely clear on how big this mini palm tree is actually going to get. I got some twisty twirly lucky bamboo and a few succulents, including this one:

Pink Jellybean Succulent

…which dropped all its beans and I was very sad. I also picked up some moss balls becuase I thought they were cool.

Marimo Moss Balls

They live in a jar because my fish will eat them.

In other news I hate insects. There’s a wasp in my flat and I’m now in a hoodie and jeans in case it tries to get me before it finds its way outside. It’s 31 degrees in here. Not cool.