Extra CarbOthellos!

16 January 2015

The Coloursofts started this.

I’ve been trying out portraits recently after receiving the Derwent Coloursoft Skintone set as as a gift and decided to have a go using some of my existing pencils to achieve the same effect, so I was looking to match the skintone shades to my other sets. My CarbOthello set had a few gaps around the Skintone and Grey range so I decided to buy a few extra pencils. I thought completing the set for £20 was a little steep seeing as I haven’t used them in ages so I decided to just pick the ones I thought I’d use rather than buying all 12.

Extra CarbOthello Pencils

I left the shop with 8. It’s okay, I’ve been good recently.

Now I just need a tin to put them in. I’m finding it hard to find tins for sale with individual sections so each pencil doesn’t bump together (they usually come with pencils inside) so I think I’ll have to grab another Derwent tin when I’m next in Rochester.