Things I learned from a week playing MP3s on my phone

11 January 2017

The default music app is crap. AIMP is unusable. Poweramp is better. Playerpro tbc.

Dynamic ‘Now playing’ list is not a standard feature.

Picking two albums and shuffling them together is apparently not a common use case.

Leaving the volume switch unlocked is genius and whoever thought of it should be given a medal from the stuff in my bag that keeps pressing it.

Shuffle doesn’t work in a standard way across players. Some playlists change to show the shuffled order. When set to loop, don’t expect the order to be re-shuffled when it gets to the end.

There are people out there who want to play everything in their music collection from start to finish (seriously, who are these weirdos?)

Album art is nice and utterly useless at the same time.

Displaying compilation albums in media libraries is still not a solved problem in 2016.

5 inch screens are far, far too big to use while walking without risking dropping them (* learnt in theory, not practice).

Proprietary playlist formats can do one.

I need to fix my Zen :(

Zen Micro with Harddisk Problem