Fitting an Ikea STÖTTA Wardrobe Light Without Screws

16 September 2018

Wardrobe light installed without screws

Because the room light’s in the wrong place to see my clothes and I’m not sticking screws through my landlord’s wardrobe.

I’ve been looking for a suitable light for a while; closest I found was on Ikea’s website, where they’re marked as out of stock but they had these in the shop anyway. The product code and the design of the battery pack has changed so maybe that’s why.

Ikea’s STÖTTA lights are battery powered (2 x AA’s for those of us who love standards), come in 3 sizes and even have a sensor to turn them on automatically when the door opens. Bonus! The light has to be fitted close to the front of the shelf for that to work.

This’ totally an improv job using whatever I had around the house.

  • Strong-ish wire- coat hanger wire will do the job, or anything that’s been work-hardened enough to not bend under the weight of the light. If it’s too soft try hitting it with a chasing hammer at the end perhaps?
  • Craft foam – literally anything will do, it’s just to protect the shelf from getting scratched by the wire. Note these lights will only be on for a minute or so at a time, so this not designed to handle the light getting hot (however this should definitely be considered is using a simiilar bracket for another purpose before choosing to use foam).

Bracket pattern:
Wardrobe light removeable shelf bracket - design spec diagram

The brackets will slot on the shelf above, adjust measurements to match the shelf as required.

Wardrobe light brackets

Hold the foam in place and slide onto the shelf. Could consider covering the top with foam as well to prevent catching on items on the shelf above (I’m going to have to remove the brackets to get the suitcases out anyway so I skipped this part).

Wardrobe light bracket fitted to shelf - view from top

(in above photo excuse the presence of Iteration 1: tie ribbon straps around the shelf. The lights slide backwards, taking the sensor too far away from the door for it to work.)

Wardrobe light bracket fitted to shelf - view from bottom

I had to curve the wire at the bottom to fit the shape of the light to get it to fit flush against the shelf above. The foam will prevent the light getting scratched so that give you a bit of give to work with.

The finished product:
Wardrobe light installed without screws