D.I.Y. Keyforge Tokens

3 February 2019

Someone at work is absolutely obsessed with this card game they found called Keyforge. The decks are somewhat randomised; you play with whatever cards you get in the box and each deck has a silly randomly generated name. It’s pretty fun. They decided to order a boxload and start a tournament at work (it’s cheaper than 10 weeks of taking people to the pub).

Thing is, the decks don’t come with half the stuff you need to actually play the game. The manufacturer sells a giant starter box set for about £40 which is the only way to get the tokens required but seems a bit excessive when we’ve already got the decks. (the box comes with 4 decks in it but only 2 of them are randomised so for the purposes of the tournament we’d a) only be able to use two of them, and b) need about 6 boxes :S).

As always the internet has an answer for this; you can download some printable tokens but if your printer’s like mine it has a habit of drying out ink cartridges when they’re not used very often. I printed the chain trackers but for the rest I figured it’s be quicker to make some out of random stuff I had around the house.

I picked up some thick card in The Works (technically these were some heart-shaped things for £1), stuck coloured cardstock to them with double-sided flooring tape. wrote on it with white gel pen and covered with sticky-back book covering (about £1 from Wilko) before cutting them out. It took all weekend but I like this kinda thing so it was pretty fun.