Ceramic Painting

14 May 2019

We did this thing after work where we all went to a ceramic painting place, Flying Saucers in Bristol town centre, and spent the evening, well, painting ceramics.

You pick a piece off the shelf, the price varies depending on what item you pick (from about £8 for a coaster to £30 for something huge like an enormous teapot; this spoon rest was £14). Then you get a chunk of time, about 2 hours I think, to turn it into something else.

The paints get darker when the piece is glazed and fired, so they’ve attatched a little sample tile to each paint bottle to give you some idea what colour it’s going to come out depending on how many coats you put on of the same colour. I didn’t go in with a plan (some of our group were super well prepared) so I wasn’t entirely thrilled with how it looked at the end of the painting time but when I got it back several weeks later it actually turned out pretty cool.

The speckled effect I did with a toothbrush in the last 10 mins when I realised I’d forgotten to paint the back didn’t turn out too badly either.

I didn’t get to see anyone elses though which was a shame; it takes them about a week to fire it but I left Bristol just before they were ready for collection and spent the next month trying to convince one of my coworkers to remember to bring it back to London with them the next time they were down. It was nice to do something a bit different with work colleages though; usually after work stuff involves either a pub or board games and while I like both it’s nice to do something creative with other people for a change.