Behemoth VIII Paper Quilling

2 May 2020

Behemoth 8 Final Fantasy Paper Quilling

Finally got around to trying out a quilling set a friend got me a few years back; I had this idea a while ago, but told myself I’d been doing too much fanart recently and should probably come up with something else. But the idea stuck and well, here we are.

Behemoths are awesome. I always pronouce the name wrong cause Final Fantasy VIII didn’t have voice acting so I just kinda guessed how it was supposed to sound (apparently it’s a normal word from the dictionary, who knew?). I love the colours used in FFVIII and it translated pretty well to the bright colourful paper strips I had in my box.

It was great having a new craft to try out in the house with all the pieces in the box to just give it a go. Well, almost all; I had to order grey strips for the teeth cause I didn’t have any in that colour. eBay told me they come in different widths so I decided to try a thinner one at the last minute and I think it worked pretty well.

As a craft quilling is a pretty easy one to get started with. Just takes a bit of patience, and you have to be willing to accept the shapes you get; the material sometimes has a mind of it’s own (a bit like Watercolour really). I made plenty of mistakes and moved quite a few bits around as I was working when it looked like it’d fit better in different places.

Now all I need is a frame, but that’ll have to wait until quarantine ends.