9 July 2010

I love making things, Collect up the pieces, and meld them into something else. Something amazing. Or functional. Or pretty. The internet is a wealth of information, if you can find the instructions you can build it, or find similar ideas as a starting point, learn techniques or benefit from the mountain of advice shared by others who’ve gone before you. However did anyone make things before the internet? You want one, google it, build one. It’s more fun than going to a store.

Art, craft a little bit of everything all rolled into one. A Computer Science graduate with an aptitude for fixing things by improvising with leftover household objects. I love tea, puzzle games, tea, making things, sunshiney days, tea and tea. When I’m not making things I’m off in other worlds playing videogames, solving puzzles, drinking tea and watching NCIS. Or something. I don’t like raw tomatoes, and my long hair sheds all over the furniture.

Right now I love the weather. I like the plants but they don’t like me *achoo*. I don’t mind, it’s too sunny out to stay inside.