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Fitting an Ikea STÖTTA Wardrobe Light Without Screws

Wardrobe light installed without screws

Because the room light’s in the wrong place to see my clothes and I’m not sticking screws through my landlord’s wardrobe.

I’ve been looking for a suitable light for a while; closest I found was on Ikea’s website, where they’re marked as out of stock but they had these in the shop anyway. The product code and the design of the battery pack has changed so maybe that’s why.

Ikea’s STÖTTA lights are battery powered (2 x AA’s for those of us who love standards), come in 3 sizes and even have a sensor to turn them on automatically when the door opens. Bonus! The light has to be fitted close to the front of the shelf for that to work.

This’ totally an improv job using whatever I had around the house.

  • Strong-ish wire- coat hanger wire will do the job, or anything that’s been work-hardened enough to not bend under the weight of the light. If it’s too soft try hitting it with a chasing hammer at the end perhaps?
  • Craft foam – literally anything will do, it’s just to protect the shelf from getting scratched by the wire. Note these lights will only be on for a minute or so at a time, so this not designed to handle the light getting hot (however this should definitely be considered is using a simiilar bracket for another purpose before choosing to use foam).

Bracket pattern:
Wardrobe light removeable shelf bracket - design spec diagram

The brackets will slot on the shelf above, adjust measurements to match the shelf as required.

Wardrobe light brackets

Hold the foam in place and slide onto the shelf. Could consider covering the top with foam as well to prevent catching on items on the shelf above (I’m going to have to remove the brackets to get the suitcases out anyway so I skipped this part).

Wardrobe light bracket fitted to shelf - view from top

(in above photo excuse the presence of Iteration 1: tie ribbon straps around the shelf. The lights slide backwards, taking the sensor too far away from the door for it to work.)

Wardrobe light bracket fitted to shelf - view from bottom

I had to curve the wire at the bottom to fit the shape of the light to get it to fit flush against the shelf above. The foam will prevent the light getting scratched so that give you a bit of give to work with.

The finished product:
Wardrobe light installed without screws

Washi Tape Whiteboard Frame

Washi Tape Whiteboard Frame

Random, quick project for a long weekend; finally found a tape I like to do the job.

Tape used: ‘Duck Tape’ – Black Ornament

Fixing a Christmas Tree

There are many problems in this world that Google can solve. This, apparently, is not one of them.

While taking down my Christmas tree last year I was most dismayed when a whole layer of branches snapped off in my hand. Being 1am on twelth night at the time, I decided to pop it in the box and deal with it next year. Next year is… well, today.

Oh Noes Tree

I rather like trees. They’re like the little friend who pops over every year and stays in your living room. If it had a face, it would be full of smilies. It seems a shame to throw away a perfectly good decoration due to some shoddy plastic work.

So here I am, attempting to fix a Christmas tree. The individual branches are still intact, I just need some way to attach them to the central trunk. I have some 5mm aluminium wire left over from another project that I think will do the job. It’s bright pink. I need to get some duct tape though. Or green electrical tape.

Perhaps I am a little bit insane. I did consider this while sitting knee deep in dismantled branches.

I also need to figure out how to get a set of pink fairy lights on a curtain rail while still being able to actually use the curtains. For now, this remains a mystery.

Mount Doom

Woah, I’ve been pretty busy with Other Stuff ™ recently so haven’t been writing much on here. Apparently it’s summer outside. Who knew?

I bought a new bag last week. It’s *huge*. Alas it has not pockets. Anyone who’s had a bag without pockets is probably well versed in the art of how every useful thing ever invented like phones and MP3 players always manage to find their way right to the bottom of a mess like this:

Bag Without Pockets

Cue Internet Time, looking for a way to add pockets to a bag, and we find the concept of the bag organiser.

[Pattern] from TheGivingFlower, via CraftApple

Bag Organiser


Bag Organiser Filled

Aside: The bloody stupid wasp fromt he last post is still in here. The double patio doors are wide open but it keeps trying to fly through my ceiling.

Anyways… this should make my bag a lot neater.

Bag With Pockets

… I’m not convinced, I think my bag’s a little too big for this to work. We’ll see when I take it out for a test run tomorrow, so long as I can actually find my phone in there without emptying half of the thing then I’ll be happy.

Okay aside 2: the wasp has DISAPPEARED. It was nowhere near the door when I lost sight of it and I haven’t seen it in 10 mins. Really want to get out of this hoody now, it’s boiling in here. With all the doors and windows open my current cost meter reckons it’s still 31 degrees inside.

Back on topic, I also made some other stuff since I last posted. There was a cushion but that wasn’t very exciting, though the fabric I found in a random cute little shop in Caterbury is awesome.

Butterfly Cushion

And I finally finished some handwarmers I started sometime last year but it’s totally the wrong time of year for those. I’d just been putting off finishing them and finally gotten around to it.

[Pattern] Morgaine Fingerless Mittens from blueoceanspureskies (via Ravelry)


Okay, so the wasp wasn’t actually a wasp, it was an enormous housefly. And by enoromous I mean like proper mega ultra huge. After working out that it wasn’t actually capable of stinging me horribly it was rather easy to persuade it to vacate the premises with a broom. Admittedly I didn’t expect it to land *on* the broom, thus letting me walk it over to the nearest open window but hey, that made things a heck of a lot easier.

I’ve never been stung by a wasp before, but from what I’ve heard it’s not something I’d particularly want to happen either.

Things and Things and More Things

Lets get this in order.

Two chapters and 4 exercises left in the Java textbook, kinda happy to get to nearly get to the end of it. Though it is all Swing GUI stuff and I always find that kinda tricky. Sooo many objects, so many lines, so many odd little settings and things to remember.

I made a wallet. It has constellations on.
Constellation ZIppy Wallet
Modified the Riko doll. I’m still not happy with it. It’s missing something but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Diddy Riko Revisited

I’ve been watching too much anime. Then again, there’s nothing on so maybe that’s okay. With Game of Thrones coming back and some random thing on Channel 5 about fairytales, maybe that’ll change. I still need to finish Battlestar.

A wandering Timcanpy appeared. It was cute.

Timcanpy Plush

An amigurumi dragon stopped by to say hello too. He was resized, but he didn’t seem to mind. He now lves on my desk, amongst other things.

Cute Little Amigurumi Dragon

I got one of these, I thought they were cool:

Baby Angel Cat Qee - Blank

I need to design it. You can paint them with acrylics but seeing as I suck at painting I think paint marker-pens are the way to go.

A friend sent me one of these. It was also cool:

Tea Mug

The fish got new plants. The just-a-bundle-of-leaves fern was a little disappointing, but there’s some baby ones growing off it so maybe those will survive.

New Plants in Fishtank

Yeah… this is totally the wrong kind of camera for this.

I had a go with my new Studio pencils. Can’t say I’m used to them yet as the drawing I’m trying them out on is allllll black so half of the pencils are from a different range, but it’s nice to have so many shades of grey to work with.

Pencil Test - Allen Walker WIP

The polychromos are nice, they cover big areas well and the colours come out darker than the harder Derwents. But then, that’s not what I brought the Derwents for.

I’m on holiday at the moment. It’s nice to have time off work, finding places to go is somewhat difficult. I have plenty of things to do here but it kind of feels like killing time, and that’s no way to spend a holiday. I won’t sit indoors the whole time.

I need a new bag. I can’t find one I like. I considered making one, though I’m not sure where you get the thick kind of fabric that makes messenger bags work from. All I’ve found so far is cotton, and that stuff isn’t much good when it comes to handling book-weight.

Backups and Things to Put Them In

It dawned on me about a month ago that in the whole time I’d had my desktop, I’d never done a full backup. Which doesn’t sound like the end of the world, until I realise I brought Karexi in February 2010. That’s a whole lot of data to lose.

Backups on SilverDragon involved about 3 days of tidying up files and swapping out CD-R’s, so I can’t say it’s a job I particularly look forward to doing. Which may explain why I put it off for so long. But it all seems a bit daft when you realise Windows 7 has an automatic backup facility which just requires plugging in a portable hard drive on the right day of the week and leaving it to it. To be honest I’ve never been a fan of the thought of using hard drives as a backup medium, but seeing as my track record proves I probably wouldn’t bother most of the time it’s better than nothing, as long as I remember to crack a DVD out every now and then just in case. So one quick trip to Staples and a portable hard drive later, everything was backed up. Yay.

I’m sure we all know by now what another new toy means; time to make a new case to put it in! I rather liked this <a href=””>iPod Nano Case Tutorial by Petchy</a> so I went with that, adding an extra pocket in for the USB cable. This design doesn’t hide the side seams like I usually do, so I liked the idea of trying something different.

Aaaaand that was over a month ago. My iron was messed up for a bit so I couldn’t finish it and then I put it off for ages but it’s finally done.

Portable Drive Case 1

Everything I’ve touched this afternoon has given me grief, and this case was no exception. Sticking the extra pocket in and sandwiching the felt between two pieces of fabric with interfacing on the outside layer made it too thick to go through the sewing machine. I couldn’t handsew it because with the side seam stitches visible backstitch would look too messy on the reverse side. So I had to take the whole thing apart and cut the felt down small enough to clear the seams.

Portable Drive Case 2

I also screwed up the ribbon, stiching it under the side seam at first and having to unpick the whole side, and when I finally got it in it’s 5mm too long. I must’ve caught it on something when trying to sneak the stiching in underneath. But it doesn’t matter, it’s not like this drive is destined to spend much time on the move so having the top flap a bit loose is something I can live with.

I’m a stupid perfectionist so there’s a lot of things about this case I could pick holes in but screw that, positive thinking time; I love the blue fabric, and it’s finished! Yeah, that’ll do.

Portable Drive Case 3

As an aside I have no idea what the lining fabric says; it’s French, has matrices, Pythagoras triangle geometry drawings and the odd refence to Nottredame on it but I never did figure it out.

Portal: Cuddly Companion Cube

(I’m lift-and-shift’ing some old content around in here and some of this stuff doesn’t have datestamps on it so I’m just going to have to guess…)

Frankenstien-d together from parts of several patterns found on the internet, with 78 separate pieces it took a month and a half to put this thing together. I wasn’t planning on using felt, but finding the fabric in the right colours was pretty hard (you’d be suprised how few people manufacture fabric in different shades of grey). I got a little put off in the middle of the project when I had to unpick 2 days worth of work for mucking up the pink lines (I tried to just stitch them on in pink thread and it looked a total mess), but I think the final result was worth it. And the corners, my god what a nightmare. The other tutorials stated to assemble the corner then attach it to the main cube, but I found it virtually impossible to get the stitches in. I eventually figured out that attaching each corner piece to the main cube, then stitching them together was the way to go.

I modified the corners because I wanted them to stick out, and it worked really well. :) I didn’t leave a large enough gap to turn it in the right way so I ended up stretching one side, but luckily the light grey piece over the top of the seam managed to hide that. I built a 6″ cube, set the corners to stick out by 5mm and stuffed under the circles to raise them off the main cube edge. I added a seam allowance so I could conceal the stitching, except on the heart because I didn’t want to risk losing it’s shape.

Now I just need to decide where in my living room it will live :D The Heartless tried to take it, but that’s just too much concentrated videogame cuddlyness for the back of one sofa.
30% wool mix felt
Based on several patterns found online:
Base pattern used: [link]
Alternate pattern: [link]
Heart stitching: [link]

Kingdom Hearts: Cuddly Heartless

One of the most adorable villains ever, he’s a heart stealer all right :)

Shadow Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, brought to you by the power of a DeviantArt user sharing her awesome pattern (some people are so nice). 1 solid week of hand sewing like an addict, eyes made from Lemon yellow Fimo, posable skeleton of 1.6 and 5mm Aluminium wire, hidden zip in side seam.

The 5mm leg and backbone wire’s a bit too stiff for the job, maybe because I picked enamelled aluminium instead of bare aluminium (it came in shorter lengths so it was cheaper, and the thought of having a bright-pink skeleton was just too awesome to pass up). I’m glad I left the zipper in, squishing the stuffing around can help him stop toppling over on the leg joint.

He’s fuzzier than I’d intended (that’s what I get for ordering fabric online) but to be honest, in hindsight I kinda like it :)

Black synthetic craft fur, polymer clay, 1.5mm-5mm aluminium wire frame
Pattern by Risachantag from DeviantArt [link]


Been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been working longer hours in the run-up to Christmas so between that, Christmas shopping and planning a fish tank install (an entry which shall be saved for another day) there hasn’t been room for much else. Until yesterday, when I got the time to put the finishing touches to this little critter:


Meet Kittybat. He’s a little blue cat, with bat wings. Just because I could. Amigurumi animals are just made up out of simple shapes, so I wanted to have a go at making one myself from scratch without a pattern, and this is the result. It’s taken me a few months to put together, it’s the biggest toy I’ve attempted to make so far so my project wanderlust had me working on a few other smaller things that have already been mentioned on this blog in the meantime, but he’s finally done!

Kittybat Back

I think the wings could do with some wire support to stop them falling about all over the place. It took 4 attempts to get the second wing right, that’s what I get for not writing down what I did for the first one. I recorded the pattern as I went so maybe I’ll stick that on here a bit later.

Papercraft Advent Calendar

A little project from last year…

As with all good craft projects it took far longer than expected, but given the trouble that people have had actually finding advent calendars around here I may have taken the easier route. Seriously, they’re nigh on impossible to find around here, and when you finally do track one down they’ve all got Ben 10 on the front. It’s an alien conspiracy I tell you. Each drawer contains a small seasonal ornament to hang on the outside as each day passes. They’re big enough to fit other things in too.

Cardstock, patterned paper, polymer clay, craft wire
Based on papercraft drawers tutorial from Taylored Expressions blog: [link]