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Crobots by Nelly Pailloux: this book is beyond awesome. These little things are just so addictively cute! And they’re so quick to make, I’ll end up with a whole army if I’m not careful…

Crobots - Mechanobot and Thinker

Fluffy Bag

Made from a messenger bag pattern I found on Threadbanger (link deleted), with a few modifications for the pile direction of the fur and re-sizing to match a current bag I rather like. I was going to use a magnetic clasp to hold it shut but damn those things are strong, it took me a week to track one down locally but I fear if I used it it’d tear the fabric trying to get the thing open. I guess they’re designed for stronger plasticy material.

Pattern: Threadbanger – messenger bag tutorial (link deleted)
Long pile grey/black fur, cotton fabric, zips, 2 D-rings, re-used adjustable strap

I Should Try New Things More Often

So it turns out I’m actually pretty good at this Amigurumi thing:

Gabu Amigurumi
Teacup Pincushion

… either that or it’s supposed to be really easy, they were beginner patterns after all :D

Pattern links:
The Gabu from Roxycraft
Amigurumi Tea Cup Pincushion from Lion Brand Yarn

And about the charms from the other day, no it wasn’t the right type of varnish. Rats. It turns out you can get the stuff off with methylated spirit so I’ve borrowed a bottle and it’s working like a dream, hurrah! Going to order a bottle of Fimo branded varnish next, at least if I stick with the clay manufacturer it’s guaranteed to work.

3am: Put the Hook Down and Step Away from the Yarn

Completely on a whim, I decided to learn crochet to make tiny animals this evening. It’s a unusual choice for me; I tried knitting a few years back and was hopeless at it so I didn’t think I’d try something like this again. But they’re too adorable, I was in the mood to learn something new and figured one hook would be easier to manage than 2 needles. Living 5 mins from town is dangerous; I ran straight to the fabric shop, brought a couple of hooks and spent the rest of the evening learning how to use them. 7 hours later, this appeared:

Little Amigurumi Mouse

He’s a little bit wonky and doesn’t quite look like the original, but it was kinda fun. And now my thumbs hurt. I think I may have to get used to that, tomorrow will be spent scouring the web for other beginner-friendly cute thingsĀ  (or at least it will be until that varnish dries…).

Jewellery Drawers

Finally finished the drawers this week:

Jewellery Drawers

Not too keen on the handles; I just improvised with stuff already in my beadbox so the colours don’t really match, but they’ll do.

Alice: White rabbit

White rabbit plush

You can’t go to a costume party as Alice without a white rabbit. I didn’t want to risk damaging the only one I had, so I made one from stuff we had lying around the house. Took about 5 days but it was so worth it.

The star material is a piece of cotton patchwork fabric I had left over from another project, and the waistcoat’s made of felt (yay no seams!) held shut with those little hook things so it’s removeable. I found a bear pattern online to use as a starting point for the proportions and modified it into a rabbit. The pattern attached the head and arms with moveable joints but I didn’t have enough time to order a set so I altered the design to stitch them straight onto the body. Later I realised I could improvise the moveable joints from some stiff cardboard and a bit of string so I did that for the legs . I wouldn’t recommend using cardboard if given the choice though, it’s fine for one night but not a very sturdy solution and I’m pretty sure it’ll break sometime in the future

White fleece fabric, patterned cotton material, felt, ribbon, card, buttons, ballchain
Based on a pattern of “Red” bear, designed by Maryke Wright (site offline)

Craft Overload

I’ve been really busy lately so haven’t had much time to work on anything for the past few weeks, but creative-fu hit me like a sack of bricks on Wednesday and out came the craft supplies. Hurrah!

I’ve had some light green beads in my box for a while, I’d planned to do something in copper with them but never quite had enough pieces to make anything of it. So I ran onto eBay and ordered some copper pretties. I’ve also got some large purple wooden beads that I’ve been dying to use for a while, I came up with an idea for them too and I’ve now got some silver spacers on order to put between them, along with a few other general supplies that I’d run out of.

While waiting for that lot to come:

Leftover Companion Cube - Progress Shot 1

I must be insane.

Say hello to the Leftover Companion Cube. It took forever to put the first one together, but with the leftovers staring back at me I thought a much smaller desk-friendly version would be nice. I have a feeling I’m going to regret this. I’ve had to change the design to accommodate the smaller pieces because I’m using 2″ grey offcuts but it seems to be going okay so far.

Then the first batch of aforementioned jewellery pieces arrived yesterday:

Charms in the Post

I am over the moon! They are so much nicer than they looked in the seller’s pictures. I’ll be putting that together sometime this weekend.

But before then I have started work on a costume. Because I am strange and when the idea popped into my head on Friday and I had all the materials already in leftovers from other projects I just had to get started. I have no idea if I’m even going to any costume parties this year. Usually I allow 2 weeks to put things together, spend the whole time making props, throw my outfit together at the last minute and end up looking a right state (though I do get a very nice white rabbit to keep out of it). So perhaps starting early is a good thing, even if it gathers dust for a year or two. Expect an update on that sometime this evening.

WIP: Mini Jewellery Drawers

Started this one months ago but put it to one side to work on something else, it’s close to being done though so about time I finished it.

Mini Jewllery Drawers WIP 1

Built from a just-glue-it-together kit; couldn’t find any pretty drawers in the shops that I liked, so when I spotted this kit I picked it up. The instructions told me to paint it but instructions are boring and pretty paper looks fancier.

Was going to stick the fronts on today but I need to get more wood glue, mine has dried out. After that I can sand them to fit, cover the fronts and put the handles in. All waiting on the glue then.

(Excuse the colour clash, I started with pink paper on the outside but the pattern only showed up under certain light so I didn’t like how it looked.)