WIP: Alice’s Adventures with the Drying Rack

20 August 2010

Wonderland Charms WIP 2

Varnish still isn’t dry; I know if you use the wrong type with polymer clay it reacts and prevents it from setting but I’m pretty sure it’s the right stuff this time…

WIP: Alice’s Adventures in Polymer Clay

18 August 2010

I wanted to practice making little charms so I’ve been playing with the clay this week, when I came up with this theme I just went with it.

Wonderland Charms WIP 1

Progress shot from just after baking. Since then I’ve painted on some extra details and am just waiting for the varnish to dry. The drying rack wasn’t feeling very photogenic but the Cheshire Cat was more than happy to smile for the camera.

I need to stop working on the floor, you can’t tell in this picture but the white clay picked up a ridiculous amount of dust. The white rabbit was so bad I’ve had to paint over it, I tried sanding it out but it wasn’t having any of it. So it is now a deep red rabbit and I’ll have to make another one.