Things and Things and More Things

28 March 2012

Lets get this in order.

Two chapters and 4 exercises left in the Java textbook, kinda happy to get to nearly get to the end of it. Though it is all Swing GUI stuff and I always find that kinda tricky. Sooo many objects, so many lines, so many odd little settings and things to remember.

I made a wallet. It has constellations on.
Constellation ZIppy Wallet
Modified the Riko doll. I’m still not happy with it. It’s missing something but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Diddy Riko Revisited

I’ve been watching too much anime. Then again, there’s nothing on so maybe that’s okay. With Game of Thrones coming back and some random thing on Channel 5 about fairytales, maybe that’ll change. I still need to finish Battlestar.

A wandering Timcanpy appeared. It was cute.

Timcanpy Plush

An amigurumi dragon stopped by to say hello too. He was resized, but he didn’t seem to mind. He now lves on my desk, amongst other things.

Cute Little Amigurumi Dragon

I got one of these, I thought they were cool:

Baby Angel Cat Qee - Blank

I need to design it. You can paint them with acrylics but seeing as I suck at painting I think paint marker-pens are the way to go.

A friend sent me one of these. It was also cool:

Tea Mug

The fish got new plants. The just-a-bundle-of-leaves fern was a little disappointing, but there’s some baby ones growing off it so maybe those will survive.

New Plants in Fishtank

Yeah… this is totally the wrong kind of camera for this.

I had a go with my new Studio pencils. Can’t say I’m used to them yet as the drawing I’m trying them out on is allllll black so half of the pencils are from a different range, but it’s nice to have so many shades of grey to work with.

Pencil Test - Allen Walker WIP

The polychromos are nice, they cover big areas well and the colours come out darker than the harder Derwents. But then, that’s not what I brought the Derwents for.

I’m on holiday at the moment. It’s nice to have time off work, finding places to go is somewhat difficult. I have plenty of things to do here but it kind of feels like killing time, and that’s no way to spend a holiday. I won’t sit indoors the whole time.

I need a new bag. I can’t find one I like. I considered making one, though I’m not sure where you get the thick kind of fabric that makes messenger bags work from. All I’ve found so far is cotton, and that stuff isn’t much good when it comes to handling book-weight.


28 December 2010

Been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been working longer hours in the run-up to Christmas so between that, Christmas shopping and planning a fish tank install (an entry which shall be saved for another day) there hasn’t been room for much else. Until yesterday, when I got the time to put the finishing touches to this little critter:


Meet Kittybat. He’s a little blue cat, with bat wings. Just because I could. Amigurumi animals are just made up out of simple shapes, so I wanted to have a go at making one myself from scratch without a pattern, and this is the result. It’s taken me a few months to put together, it’s the biggest toy I’ve attempted to make so far so my project wanderlust had me working on a few other smaller things that have already been mentioned on this blog in the meantime, but he’s finally done!

Kittybat Back

I think the wings could do with some wire support to stop them falling about all over the place. It took 4 attempts to get the second wing right, that’s what I get for not writing down what I did for the first one. I recorded the pattern as I went so maybe I’ll stick that on here a bit later.


9 October 2010

Crobots by Nelly Pailloux: this book is beyond awesome. These little things are just so addictively cute! And they’re so quick to make, I’ll end up with a whole army if I’m not careful…

Crobots - Mechanobot and Thinker

I Should Try New Things More Often

26 August 2010

So it turns out I’m actually pretty good at this Amigurumi thing:

Gabu Amigurumi
Teacup Pincushion

… either that or it’s supposed to be really easy, they were beginner patterns after all :D

Pattern links:
The Gabu from Roxycraft
Amigurumi Tea Cup Pincushion from Lion Brand Yarn

And about the charms from the other day, no it wasn’t the right type of varnish. Rats. It turns out you can get the stuff off with methylated spirit so I’ve borrowed a bottle and it’s working like a dream, hurrah! Going to order a bottle of Fimo branded varnish next, at least if I stick with the clay manufacturer it’s guaranteed to work.

3am: Put the Hook Down and Step Away from the Yarn

21 August 2010

Completely on a whim, I decided to learn crochet to make tiny animals this evening. It’s a unusual choice for me; I tried knitting a few years back and was hopeless at it so I didn’t think I’d try something like this again. But they’re too adorable, I was in the mood to learn something new and figured one hook would be easier to manage than 2 needles. Living 5 mins from town is dangerous; I ran straight to the fabric shop, brought a couple of hooks and spent the rest of the evening learning how to use them. 7 hours later, this appeared:

Little Amigurumi Mouse

He’s a little bit wonky and doesn’t quite look like the original, but it was kinda fun. And now my thumbs hurt. I think I may have to get used to that, tomorrow will be spent scouring the web for other beginner-friendly cute thingsĀ  (or at least it will be until that varnish dries…).