Shell Shadow Boxes

5 August 2019

I have this habit of picking up a few seashells evey time I go to the beach. I say I won’t, but then I inevitably end up spotting one or two. I’m very good at only picking up one or two but, well, I’ve been to the beach a lot so…

I got the idea to put them in box frames from Pinterest somewhere. These are some 15cm deep frames I got in Hobbycraft.

I think the idea is you’re supposed to stand them up on their side so all the shells fall to the bottom but, well, I only pick up shells I think look cool so I want to see them all! The frames are lying flat on the bottom shelf of a clear glass coffee table. Dad reckons I should just make a coffee table with the shells under the top. Would probably need a load more years to collect enough shells for that one, so perhaps not.

Some of my shells are too big to fit, still haven’t figured out where to put those ones.