Kingdom Hearts: Shrink Plastic Pumpkinhead Halloween Keyblade

27 October 2019

I have the *worst* luck with blind bags.

This’ a nice quality Kingdom Hearts keyring if you like Donald Duck (I don’t, really). In an attempt to make this look more like, well, something other than a mummified duck I decided to try putting some other stuff on the keyring with it.

Enter the shrink plastic. There’s some very clear images of these keyblades in the assets for the KH games and it’s not too hard to redraw them onto a piece of paper with a ruler, some careful measuring and a lot of maths. (except Oathkeeper. Oathkeeper’s a pain to draw, but that’s a story for another day). I tested a piece of shrink plastic with a ruler first so I know the stuff I’ve got shrinks by a scale of roughly 2.66.

The keyblade was drawn on clear shrink plastic (not the frosted stuff) with a black sharpie, and the silver/white bits done in Posca paint markers.

After shrinking I used clear embossing powder over the top to seal the pen; I’d read online that some varnishes make sharpie run and really struggled to figure out what would work. I tried two types of embossing powder. Both worked, but the Papermania one was easier to use as the crystals are finer so it’s easier to get a thin layer without them bouncing off all over the place. I don’t have a heat gun so I stuck it back in the oven until the powder melted. The thinner the layer is the more likely it’ll melt before the shrink plastic starts to curl back up again.

I wasn’t so lucky; it did curl up and I had some fun trying to flatten it back out again. It’s not perfectly flat, but it’s close enough.

Finally I made the pumpkin keychain out of Fimo polymer clay, with some black acrylic paint and gloss varnish.

Sharpie Colour Chart – Shrink Plastic

31 August 2019

After successfully using a black Sharpie on some Crystal Clear Shrinkles shrink plastic I picked up a few more to try adding some colour.

Sharpie don’t label their pens (helpful!), so the colour names are a guess based off what one website said was in this pack. I guess the names don’t really matter as long as I can tell them apart, so I’ve made up some numbers and written them on.

Before shrinking…

… and after.

Shrink Plastic Transparency Test

3 August 2019

A project I’m woking on needs a piece of see-through stained glass. I can’t find a bit in the right size and shape so I’m experimenting with using shrink plastic.

-1- The easiest way to find out how big something has to be drawn to come out at the right size after shrinking is to make a ruler as a size test, with lines drawn 1cm and 1 inch apart. I’m using Crystal Clear Shrinkles and mine comes out with a scale factor of 2.66.

-2 and 3- Sharpies: pretty easy to get even, comes out kinda dark but good transparency when held up to the light (see image below).

-4, 5, 7, 9, 10- Windsor and Newton Promarkers: according to the internet these should work but I found them to be not great at this. Perhaps the colours I picked were too light, butI found I just kept getting a puddle of the clear alcohol solvent building up on top of the plastic and very little of the colour. The best result I got was using 3 separate layers drawn in a different direction, letting it dry between each, but Sharpies work much better.

-8- Crayola: these work well, you have to use sandpaper / wet and dry paper to roughen the surface first (or use the pre frosted stuff). It’s not really see-through when you’re done so it’s not the look I’m going for in this project but nice to see how they’ll come out for other stuff.