Late to the Party

19 August 2012

I totally forgot to put up shots of the finished terrarium. Which is odd, considering I’m sure I remember writing a blog post about this. Hm…

One Terrarium

It’s grown in a bit since then.
Terrarium Two Months On

The locals are rather happy with the arrangement.
The Dinosaurs Who Live In The Terrarium

I went a bit nuts over houseplants this year. The remaining dinosaurs from the pack live with a Pachypodium Lamerei (Madagascar Palm) on my windowsill though I’m not entirely clear on how big this mini palm tree is actually going to get. I got some twisty twirly lucky bamboo and a few succulents, including this one:

Pink Jellybean Succulent

…which dropped all its beans and I was very sad. I also picked up some moss balls becuase I thought they were cool.

Marimo Moss Balls

They live in a jar because my fish will eat them.

In other news I hate insects. There’s a wasp in my flat and I’m now in a hoodie and jeans in case it tries to get me before it finds its way outside. It’s 31 degrees in here. Not cool.