Painting Wine Glasses

31 August 2019

When I first moved in I bought some super-cheap plain wine glasses in the local Wilko. I take good care of my stuff and don’t have people over often (ever?) so 10 years later they’ve all survived. It’d be nice to have come pretty ones but I can’t justify throwing out something that’s perfectly good that I don’t use very often, so I decided to decorate them myself (and hey, if it all goes wrong they were only cheap).

I bought a bottle of Pebeo Vitrea 160 in 07 Amaranthine purple. But this stuff needs to go in the oven to cure it so I’ve been putting this project off for years, and now I’ve finally gotten around to it I’ve decided I wanted the colour to match some other stuff in my kitchen instead. I picked off a nice blue on the colour chart in Artycat and… well

One of these things is not like the other…

The one on the right is ’64 – Shimmer Turquoise’ I think, and it’s a terrible dingy green-grey colour on glass but great on other stuff that isn’t see through. I also think it’s been discontinued, so maybe that’s why. I didn’t have the reciept so one manufacturer labelling fault and a second purchase later, I got the correct Turquoise colour.

Testing the colours on a pasta sauce jar out the recycling bin I kinda liked them both, so I decided to go with it.

The brush stroke pattern on the top blue one was an accident; it is possible to use this paint without getting any streaks at all, but after I did this I thought it looked kinda cool so I decided to re-do the others to match. And then spent the next hour trying to re-create the mistake I’d made, without quite as much success but it’s close enough.

Definitely the weirdest thing that’s ever been in my oven

They’re supposed to be dishwasher safe but I probably won’t chance it. Though after seeing the mess other people’s dishwashers make of glassware I normally handwash them anyway.